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    Over the 30 years G.W. Fishell Painting has been in business, we have gained the knowledge and experience that has helped us climb to the top of the trade. Our hard work ethic and professionalism has gained us a positive reputation that has allowed our company to flourish. We now employ over 25 workers and have jobs in both Marco Island and Naples. We are a full service painting contractor that works with both the residential and commercial markets. We pride ourselves on our efficient work ethic, our level 5 finishes, and most importantly, our acute attention to detail and customer service. 

Interior and Exterior Painting


   When it comes to making your home a beautiful place to live in, nothing does the trick quite like a quality painting job. G.W. Fishell Painting understands that the idea behind painting your home - whether the interior or exterior - is to create an overall impression of what your home represents to you. Your home's exterior appearance is your house's face to the outside world. It is the first impression that people get of your house. It is also the part of your home that is exposed to the elements and as a result requires special care so that it can withstand whatever the weather dishes out. On the interior of your home, paint offers you the opportunity to express your own personal style and create an environment that is uniquely your own. It can liven and define spaces for a relatively small amount of money. We have years of experience helping home owners achieve their design goals for their homes inside and out. 


  • We only use premium paints and experienced painters to ensure a beautiful and professional result
  • Whether we are painting the exterior or interior of your home, we make sure all of the surfaces are professionally prepared
  • Careful attention is given to protecting your home during painting. This means your plants and walkways if we are painting the exterior of your home, and your furniture and other possessions if we are painting the interior

Cabinetry Finishing


 We have a state certified spray facility where we can do lacquer, paint and glaze, or stain that will give a factory finish or better on your wood furnishings. 

  • The finish on your cabinetry is one of the first indications of quality and craftsmanship. It is the first impression when you walk into a kitchen, and is a great way to personalize your home

  • Kitchens and bathrooms, where most of the cabinets in your home reside, are some of the highest traffic areas, so you'll want to choose a long lasting finish that can handle all that wear

  • We know that it isn't easy picking from all the types of finishes, but with our help, we can make this process a little easier by giving you all the samples and information you'll need on each of these cabinet finishes

Pool Decking


   Pool decking is an important part of your enjoyment with family and friends, so it has to be stylish yet safe. You can use wood, composite, tiles, stones or concrete to have a smooth and leveled surface which is easy to walk on with bare feet. To add a touch of style, apply pool deck coating. Creating an attractive and durable pool deck or restoring your pool deck to a like new condition can be as simple as choosing the right pool deck coatings. Pool decks are very different from other surfaces for obvious reasons. They are always exposed to water and they have to have a slip resistant finish. G.W. Fishell Painting has years of experience in providing pool deck coating service. Our coatings provide protection from sun and are waterproof. Pool deck coatings are available in numerous hues and are long lasting. No matter which type pool deck coating you choose, you can expect a perfect application that will meet or exceed your standards with G.W. Fishell Painting. When we choose the coating for your deck we consider many factors: 

  • We make sure that the paint/coating we are using is capable of bearing harsh weather conditions, is slip resistant and is easy to clean and maintain

  • We take into consideration the original surface of your pool deck.The material that needs to be coated will have a large impact on which coatings you can choose from

  • If you have had coatings applied before, we evaluate the options for a re-coating making sure to use the right type of coating for the job

  • We make any necessary repairs to your pool deck to ensure you get the look and finish you want

Pressure Washing


   Some substances like molds lead to various health problems including allergies, asthma, etc. To help avoid this, pressure washing should be done to give yourself and your family a healthy environment. Pressure washing prevents the buildup of fungus or any such residues which affects the structural support of your house. It helps you to keep the paint in good condition and increases the life of the paint job. We can pressure wash specific areas of your house as well as the entire place as per your request. Our service includes some vital places of the house/commercial area which you cannot afford to skip. They are mentioned below.

  • Exterior walls of your house or building, which require deep cleaning in order to prepare for paint

  • Driveways and sidewalks of our homes also need to be pressure washed. It will wash-down all the stains and will bring back the sparkle

  • Patios and decks can be pressure washed to to keep them clean and safe

  • Roofs need pressure washing to prevent the build up of molds and other debris

Faux Painting


   Faux painting is a popular choice for both residential and commercial areas because of its beauty and affordability. G.W. Fishell provides outstanding service when it comes to faux painting.You get to choose from so many designs, textures and colors which perfectly define your personal look and style. Our faux painting comes in two material styles: plaster and glaze. Glaze can use a special visual illusion to mimic the appearance of textures, but is actually smooth to the touch. Plaster can be smooth to the touch, or it can be used to apply real textures to an area of wall space for when realism is absolutely key. Below is a list of visual styles we can apply to your walls: 

Color Wash:

  • Grant a wall subtle deviations in color, so that it maintains an overall color goal while providing much more variety


  • A subtle style that can be used to distort and alter an otherwise plain wall, such as giving it a cloudy impression


  • Makes your walls look like marble or wood


  • Give a surface free-form texture and color distortion, resulting in a wall or ceiling that really draws the eye

Trompe l'oeil:

  • Have a wall painted with an illusionary replica of breathtaking three-dimensional art with illusionary borders and framework

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