The Art of Finishing

Over three decades, we have gained knowledge and experience to become the top of the painting trade. We are a full-service painting contractor that works with both residential and commercial markets. We pride ourselves on our work ethic, level-5 finishes and acute attention to detail and customer service.

We offer a variety of paint services:

Interior and Exterior Painting

Nothing does the job like a fresh paint job.

Inside your home, paint offers the opportunity to express your own personal style and create an environment that is uniquely you. Your home’s exterior appearance is its face to the outside world. It is also exposed to the elements and requires special care ton withstand the weather.

  • We only use premium paints and experienced painters to ensure a beautiful and professional result
  • We ensure all of the surfaces are professionally prepared
  • We pay special attention to protecting your property — furniture, walkways, plants, etc.

Faux Painting

Faux painting is a popular choice for both residential and commercial areas because of its beauty and affordability. GW Fishell provides premiere faux painting services and countless designs, textures and colors to choose from.

We offer two material styles (plaster and glaze) as well as several visual styles:

  • Color Wash: Adds subtle deviations in color, so that it maintains an overall color goal while providing much more variety
  • Fresco: A subtle style that can be used to distort and alter an otherwise plain wall, such as giving it a cloudy impression
  • Marbleizing/Graining: Mimics marble or wood
  • Sponging: A surface free-form texture and color distortion, resulting in a wall or ceiling that really draws the eye

Cabinetry Finishing

We have access to a state-certified spray facility where we can lacquer, paint, glaze or stain for a factory finish your wood furnishings. We can make choosing finishes a little easier by giving you all the samples and information you’ll need.

Pool Decking

G.W. Fishell has mastered pool deck coating. Our coatings are waterproof and provide protection from sun. Our durable pool deck coatings are available in numerous hues and are applied with precision.

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